Webcam & Weather

Camera faces east-northeast towards my Wunderground Station, KCTGREEN35, and exists mostly to help me keep an eye on the station. During snowfall, the anemometer may become impeded by snow accumulation, and the camera will help let me know if manual clearing becomes necessary.

Yesterday's Timelapse

For those interested, the webcam is a project powered by a fairly simple Python script on a RaspberryPi 3, with a generic $40 indoor/outdoor dome-style USB camera. I'm pretty sure the whole thing can be set up for about $25 if you pick the right webcam and use an Arduino board as your controller (though I have not tried this).

Current Conditions (see indoor)

Measurement time:
Wed April 26, 2017 01:48:59 EDT (59 sec ago)
Temperature Humidity Currently Feels like
57.6 ºF 99% Overcast 57.6 ºF
Wind speed Wind gust Wind rose Dew point
1.1mph 2.5mph SE (138º) 57.2 ºF
Daily precip. Hourly precip. Pressure Solar
0.00in 0.00in 1010mb (-) 0 w/m2
Indoor temp Ind. humidity Windchill Visibility
68.3 ºF 51% NA 7.0mi

Outdoor data courtesy of Weather Underground API.

Three day conditions

Heat map last three months

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